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Vititech provides professional services to the wine industry, servicing vineyards of every size. We map it count it sample it and administer it. We help you to optimise your vineyard earnings by providing you with accurate GPS data and viticultural information. We make your workplace safe, provide Health and Safety Management plans and help you to save money on ACC levies so call Vititech to get the assistance you need.

We provide the following services:

  • Maps & GPS.
  • SWNZ (Sustainable Wine NZ).
  • Seasonal Counts & Sampling.
  • Computer & Administration.
  • Health & Safety Management Systems and Audits.

Ginny Thomson who owns and operates Vititech is an Approved Safety Auditor (ASA) and a member of the New Zealand Safety Council. Ginny has been in the wine industry since 1998 doing technical field work for large wine companies. Vititech was established in 2004 to provide professional services to wine companies and small grape producers at affordable rates. Vititech is able to offer wine companies and growers an independent assessment of crop information.


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